Tunnel thruster

A tunnel thruster (propeller) implemented as a user-defined function. The code takes into account propeller blade angles and rotation speed to reproduce a realistic thrust profile. It facilitates using a very coarse mesh in regions where explicit propeller blade modeling would result in a large number of cells. Implementation was made by Process Flow Solution Ltd.

Custom GUI

A customized GUI menu structure was implemented on ANSYS Fluent to help automate repetitive tasks during case initialization. The user can select key model parameters and execute external code directly via the Fluent GUI, thus saving time and reducing the probability of human error during the setup process. Implementation by Process Flow Solution Ltd.

Matlab can seamlessly be connected to ANSYS Fluent to provide two-way information exchange between iterations. In this fluid-structure interaction example, the fluid flow is resolved by CFD methods in ANSYS Fluent, while the structural dynamics of the plate is resolved by FEM methods in Matlab. The two-way coupling routines were implemented by Process Flow Solution Ltd.